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Posted on: February 1, 2010

Finally!!! Yes, finally I am starting a blog! After years of persuasion (from some true friends of mine) and contemplation (coz that’s just how I am), I decided to give it a try. Being an avid reader from a young age itself, I got so used to seeing acknowledgements in the beginning that I just can’t seem to proceed further without thanking all those people who were the driving force 🙂

Well to begin with, I owe a lot to my friend right from school Anisha aka Ani who made me believe that I can write one and when I profusely refused to do so, went on a cold war with me,never bringing up that subject with me again. She reminded me of my personal diaries (which I used to write from 2nd std. onwards…) which kinda inspired her into writing a blog (btw, I was really touched by that Ani) and was all shocked to hear that I burnt all those in a fit of fury! (I know, I completely lose it at certain times…and yes, I do regret it like anything).Like I said, she never brought that subject up again, but it kept on nagging me. And after lot of procrastinations, the blog is a reality. Whoa!

The tech guys- Jacob and Manu who were instrumental in getting some techie knowledge into my otherwise “no-tech, please” head and advised me into using wordpress when I was all ready to blog in blogspot. Jacob was the one who introduced me to the world of blogging and not surprisingly all the links that he sent me were of tech related blogs and the first ever blog that I read was his!!!

Of course, the twin optimists Akhila and Hari…they drove me nuts with their “obnoxious optimism”…they bore all my mood swings patiently…they stifled their yawns when I kept on ranting and venting even if it’s in the dead of the night! Akhila gave me a big thumbs-up on my decision to blog, judiciously discarded all the blog names that I came up with and helped through all my phases of losing myself. Hari, (yes, the famous blogger of “I chose the red pill”) is the epitome of obnoxious optimism and without his lavish praises and gentle cajoleries I think I would have become the queen of procrastination.

Two people who taught me that opening up isn’t bad-Neeta and Minto. Without them I would have become a bottled-up stuck-up girl. I owe a lot to Jinz for her patience, care and scolding (grins), Jobin for teaching me to walk the narrow bridge, Tina for the person she is and Priya who is lurking in the corner but still manages to pop her head when I want her;Andrew,  Ashiq, Ashish and Rahul for accentuating that curve that totally defines me-my little smile!

Thanks to all those people who loved/love me, hated/hate me, people who made my life miserable, people who made me realize that I am worth living, people who smiled at me, brought a smile on my face, scorned at me, made me scorn back at them, smirked, chuckled, laughed at me, for weaving me a nest of memories to cherish 🙂


11 Responses to "WHY N HOW???"

After a lot of (unwanted) trials and tribulations, you’ve started blogging – and this would go down in my memory as one of my happiest moments. 🙂

Even the first post is full of such wonderous narrative nuances – I couldn’t help but re-read this post. Now I can almost quote it fully! 🙂

And, thanks for the kind words about me. Happy to know that I’ve done my bit with you – and trust me, I’d be there, always. 🙂

Gee!There you are with your lavish praises :)It’s heartening to hear that you have re-read the post and can even quote it!I know you would be there and counting on it big time :)Hail obnoxious optimism(grins)!

Finally buddy!!whew! i seem to heave a sigh f relief wen i c ur blog..hmph!! 🙂 Its indeed a start…keep going…dont worry u will hve ma criticisms all the way….cheers…

Yes!Finally!Your criticisms are most welcome buddy :)Cheers!

Oh Oh..!!! Cant believe it.. so u FINALLY did do it!!! Gawd! Am so happy! N so proud of myself too.. Hehe… nevr thot tht one lil conversation really gt thru ur head.. hehe.. nywaz hav fun blogging dear.. n am at hands reach here k! tc!

Lolz!You have all reasons to be proud of yourself Ani :)Yup!One little conversation got through my otherwise balky head. Thanks to you.

Clinging on to that reach :)tc.

Hard on BLOGGER then huh???
think tis is the best place for u really. let tis b a let out zone 4 all ur perverted ideas n the place wher v get 2 whoop u around.

PS:Dont mind my criticisms though. u know how bad i really am at tat ri8?

Hiya!Welcome to my blog 😀

Perverted ideas!Come on dude, at least I didn’t blog about your pervertedness :P.I was kind enough to write some good things about you 😀

I would certainly appreciate your criticisms. You are not bad,but way too good at it. Of all those infinite debates we have had, there are times when I had to really whack my brains to answer you back 🙂

P.S.:Looking forward for your criticisms!

There’s no word in English Language called ‘pervertedness’. It’s ‘perversion’. 😉

This time you got it wrong buddy. ‘Pervertedness’ is the noun form 🙂

no need to fight.. u both r correct ..perversion and pervertedness are both nouns and can be used interchangeably..!!

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