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The Mockingbirds of our hearts.

Posted on: March 27, 2010

It was another one of our rendezvous at sweet mahal- the three of us shares a rapport which is way beyond words. Pure masti, that’s what we have all the time we meet, be it pulling each other’s leg, making faces or irritating the shit outta each other…everything spells f-u-n 😀 Gibberish talk is our area of expertise and at times we talk so much of crap that after sometime we are left wondering where it all began!  But at times these blahing away take us to serious ponderings and I simply love that clash of views, snapping and snubbing, raised eyebrows and rolling eyes 🙂

Innocence-that’s what we chanced upon today. The reason behind this discussion was a common friend of ours who according to Mr.J is the most innocent person living on this earth. Gorging all the pani puris, he kept on gushing about her while me n Mr.M was half staring at him with mouths wide open! With a gleam on his face and twinkle in his eyes he went on and on and we listened on and on. When we reached saturation, M and I drew the bottom-line… N is innocent and that shut his mouth! Whew!

Yes, N is very much innocent. Having known her for more than twelve years, I know that for a fact. And she excellently fits into J’s idea of innocence. Sweet and caring and viewing the world as a perfect place where most people are cherubs keeps her innocence alive at all times :)But let’s admit it, earth is not heaven and certainly not all Homo sapiens are angels. And whether you like it or not, you need to be ready to stand up for yourself and fight. So, that’s when M brought the question as to whether the people who stand up for themselves and fight for their rights are not innocent?

Good question! Standing up for you doesn’t kill your innocence. It’s just that those people have kept their eyes wide open and turns a deaf ear to the ‘ignorance is bliss’ perception. M drives home the point that innocence is being true to yourself and not being dumb as he believes that the widely accepted idea of innocence has more to do with stupidity. For him innocence is not suppression, while J kinda believes that the Indian woman is more innocent because of her silent suffering. M practically had his eyeballs protruding from his sockets when he heard it. Suffice to say that he went bonkers. And yeah, I took sides with him, him being my mirror-image, we couldn’t agree less. While M was going all haywire pointing out to J the contrary, his whole attention was on the dahi puri this time.(He did ask us in between whether we wanted a share, but one look at him, we both silently agreed to let him have the whole thing :P). Well, J believes that Indian woman would win any day hands down. A true spirited Indian woman that I am, I totally concur. But why doesn’t she protest? Is it because she is scared or is it because she is innocent? Or is she desperately trying to fit into the ‘idea’ of innocence? Why can’t she just listen to her gut feeling? Quoting M, “We don’t exactly live life on a rule book right? So, why should we relate to gut feeling as something outside as… as something so distant?” Brilliant M!!!

Well, the discussions went on for an hour and as usual we were at loggerheads with each other. From Sita and Virgin Mary to Wordsworth’s Lucy and Marquez’s Remedios the Beauty, we have had different insights to innocence. But in the end we all agreed on a common point; innocence is always subjective. So, maybe there’s a mockingbird in all of us and it’s a sin to kill it ‘coz it symbolizes our innocence…the innate goodness that we are all born with. (Yes, I am a big fan of Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’) .As J rightly puts it, “It’s a mater of heart.” Yes, sire M and I bows!


4 Responses to "The Mockingbirds of our hearts."

The mockingbird shouldn’t be killed – it helps us explore ourselves, brings out the myriad emotions within and helps us realize what stuff we’re made of.

And as for innocence, it’s one quality that shouldn’t be debated upon – it’s something few of us possess. Take this person, who’s always (mis)interpreted as the “most innocent guy around”. Trying to lose the image badly!

And, I’m of the strong opinion that such discussions bring out the best in us. Of the twenty one long years I’ve lived in Planet Earth, some discussions still (and will always) stand out within the portals of my mind. The next time you have one, try and “record” it within your mind. After twenty years, when you go on rewind, trust me, you WON’T regret it! 🙂

Innocence is not suppression anyway..D simplest definition 4 innocence in ma view is 2 go with your gut feelings, your instincts..
But there sets in d role of society and family. Your gut feelings ill b driven by dose factors. An Indian womens view point itself differs from place to place,from person to person..Your spirits wont be d same as another womens spirit. So ‘going with your gut feelings’ thing again cant give a generalization for innocence. V r all innocent in our on ways, in our perfect worlds. But it may be stupidity 2 some others…
But listen to d mocking birds in our heart,its first squeaks ill always b d sound f truth, ‘cuz our mocking birds r made by us only..!!..but be prepared to b called stupid by others!..

@ pet : I personally dont believe that people with the so called ‘silent- suffering’ attitude can be termed ‘innocent’ ! They might be doing it at instances where they are compelled to do so. Take for example our college life : We get switched to our ‘silent-suffering’ modes when it comes to the ‘torturing’ moves nd attitude from our lecturers’ part keeping in mind the future consequences that we may have to face if we react. Bt does it really mean that we are innocent are heart? Likewise an Indian woman may follow a silent-suffering attitude ..take for example…towards the torture she faces from her mother-in-law…keeping in mind tat shes her husband’s mother afterall nd even her family life can come to stand still if she reacts. It happens coz she cares for herself nd her own family life to an extent . Nd does it mean that shes too innocent? On the other hand does an other woman who react in the same case become a non innocent person?

Above all…I go with Js idea of innocence. N is an innocent person for sure…:)

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