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The Garfield In Me Confesses!

Posted on: August 12, 2011

Geez!I am loking at my blog as if it’s an alien thingy. The alacrity with which I thought I would blog, I must confess, disappeared into thin air 😦

First of all, I need patience galore to actually pen down something. *fact,guys*

Second, I choose to be creatively dead because that is so convenient. *grins widely*

Third, I am more of a scribbler than a writer and twitter is my abode. *excuse bought for myself*

Well well well!You must actually admit the above three points are quite excusable 😀

Anyways, I have decided to blog more and get myself out of this self-imposed brain dead state 🙂

P.S: I am an optimist, period and Garfield still is my guru 😛


4 Responses to "The Garfield In Me Confesses!"

Gud luck! 😉

@Neethu: Thanks blah blah;)

i hadn’t checked this …
n had doubts galore.! u an optimist ? since when? or as i had always felt, were u actually one deep down? if so, how did this confession come about ? 😛 😉

@Akhila: I am seeing this only now! Good questions. Chew on it and lemme know if u find the answers coz I have no clue *grinds widely*!!!

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