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Fear- an element so innate in humans…an element people take advantage of profusely…an element which snatches a part of us from ourselves. It is this fear that makes us espouse a power above us, a force so strong and radiant that none can escape its aura. But wait a moment-rewind and contemplate; was it fear or was it love?

The essence of this universe itself is the powerful power of love, the very power that we associate with God Almighty. But why is it that the fear element is more predominant than love. Why are we taught to fear Him than love Him? In fact, we inculcate this abhorred element into a kids’ mind at a very young age that at one point of time he/she finds God more of a punishment power rather than an embodiment of love. Amazed am I at the irony; shun love and shake hands with fear!

Heaven and hell, the twin compliments depict the abode of righteous people and wrongdoers respectively. The standpoint of righteousness is subjective, the very subjectiveness of which shades it with ambiguity. This ambiguity, in turn shepherded people to the not-so-right path. With time, the thin line between the right and wrong diminished. Confusion became rampant. Being atheist and agnostic came into vogue, especially among the youth 😐

On the other side, religious pundits, priests and maulvis advocated amplified beliefs. Demi-Gods (or was it demo Gods?) came into existence. Another commodity called religion was marketed and publicized. The common man fell prey to it. Violence was unleashed in the name of God! The embodiment of love became the embodiment of hatred. Religious humanism became extinct!

This brings me back to what I had started off with. To all those believers out there my question is what attracted us to that power…love or fear? For me the power has been a path leader, which made me espouse more of righteousness than its antonym. That complimentary path was not so unassailable… it stared at me right on my face most of the times and tempting it was I have strayed onto that at times, but a firm grip of morality and that powerful love always brought me back to my senses before it’s too late. I know for a fact that fear of Him would have never brought me back, but that love was too strong to be ignored 🙂



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