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“I wish people would mind their own business”. Mike muttered these words in his mind for the umpteenth time. He wanted to let everything go. It did not sound so bad to him like other people are making it to be. But people will never let go of you when failure kisses you. They will not let you take it gracefully which Mike was sure he could do.

“The only way out is my babe”. He reminded himself. He went to her, ran his hands through her. She was always the same to him. She didn’t feel the need to pull herself away nor did she care for explanations. Maybe inanimate things are better than living humans. He knew he was being stupid. But he was sick and tired of people’s pity, those glances spelled anything but understanding.

He kicked his bike and the engine came to life. It never failed him. He knew he has embraced failures many times and he has learnt to accept that and move on with it. Why the people around him are so adamant as to pin it on him that he is desperate after the outcome, beat him. Maybe it is sadism from their part; or those pity showers that people love to give for a lack of better topic to discuss on with colleagues.

What hurt him most was that his best friend thought of him as a back stabber. After all they have been through this was something he could not fathom with. The very thought of his friend joining hands with the rest of the them showering pity and reaching conclusions which is far more than what is real killed him. He had nobody but himself to blame, not because he took the risk of fighting for something which was close to his heart even though failure was sure but because he thought his best friend would understand and stand by him. Instead, what he had not imagined in the remotest of his dreams happened.

He parked his bike by the chapel and went and sat on one of the benches. He let his mind be blank. Tears were glistening his eyes but he didn’t let it fall. He sat there for some hours and slowly got up. A determined look glistened his eyes this time.



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